before it started raining,
i asked you:

you laughed
and told me:

i shook my head:
you grinned widely;

why did we care?
it’s like choosing between
the sun
the moon

the rain touched my skin;
my cigarette extinguished;
i closed my eyes;
you held my hand;

"it doesn’t even matter,
people are like
we change all the time.”

i’m glad, you know?
i’m glad i lost my fucking mind
as soon as i touched
your pink and wet lips.

(via insdie)


I can’t believe I have 5k followers now! Time for another giveaway (my last for a while, sorry)

What you can win: 

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I never thought I’d make it this far, and I absolutely love all of my followers who have supported me, so I’m giving back!

This giveaway ends March 1st (why? because I’ll know where I’m in for college, and It’ll be less painful to spend all of that money)

Omg cosplay rules